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Forensic Accounting, Tax Preparation & Accounting Services

Civil & Criminal Tax Consulting


Our staff includes retired Internal Revenue Service Special Agents and Revenue Agents with decades of experience working Civil and Criminal Tax investigations.  Our services include the following:

Forensic Accounting

We are experts at finding fraud and locating assets.  It’s what we spent our entire careers doing for the Internal Revenue Service.

Tax Preparation and Accounting Services 

No job is too big or too small.  We provide expert tax preparation services for individuals and businesses.  Your taxes will be done correctly, quickly, and you will achieve the maximum tax savings legally possible. We also provide accounting services including business set-up, bookkeeping, payroll, fixed assets, and consultation to help you pay less taxes and maximize your profit.

Civil Tax Consulting 

Our former IRS Revenue Agents can give you the best advice on how to lower your risk of an IRS audit. We can also provide valuable consultation if you are already being audited by the IRS.  Our enrolled agents can also represent you in all civil matters.

Criminal Tax Consulting 

Our former IRS Special Agents will work in concert with your legal team to review your case and provide you with an accurate and honest assessment so you and your legal team can determine the best strategy for your case. We will also assist in the defense of your criminal case during trial preparation and trial.      

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