Forensic Accounting

Internal Revenue Service Special Agents and Revenue Agents are considered the premiere Forensic Accountants.  We are trained specialists in following the money trail.  IRS Special Agents are often requested by other law enforcement agencies to assist in the financial aspects of criminal investigations.  We conduct a thorough review and analysis of books and records to determine if a crime has been committed and then follow the money trail to determine the responsible parties. 

If you suspect fraud in your business, or have the need for certification that no fraudulent activities have taken place, then we can help.  In addition to conducting a thorough review of your books and records, including bank records and tax returns, we will conduct any necessary interviews to detect if fraudulent activities have occurred and determine the responsible parties involved. 

We are also experts at locating assets, wherever they may be.  IRS Special Agents and Revenue Agents are trained in the location of assets and utilize various techniques during audits and criminal investigations.

The rates for our Forensic Accounting services will have to be negotiated based on each job.  There are just too many variables involved.  Our rates will be very competitive and will be significantly less than a CPA Firm would charge.  Despite our reasonable rates the work we perform will be the highest quality.  We can accomplish this because our overhead is very low compared to a CPA Firm. 
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